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Strangers Worth Meeting

Sep 5, 2020

On this episode, Tyler meets with Brendyn Cane of South Bend, IN. Brendyn is the drummer for the Latin-Soul Fusion band, Lalo Cura and other artists including HeyZeus and Tre' Marquise. Tyler and Brendyn meet up at the new RV to talk about whether drumming can be learned by all, the 'gift' of talent and skill merging together, and finding ways through any type of obstacle on this thirtieth episode of the Strangers Worth Meeting podcast. Follow along with Tyler on Instagram @thixsonlife or connect in real time via Twitter @thixsonlife and find Brendyn on Instagram @b_cane and Lalo Cura @lalocurarock / HeyZeus @heyzeusxx / Tre' Marquise @tremarquise

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