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Strangers Worth Meeting

May 5, 2020

On this episode, Tyler meets with an old friend and former ΔΣΦ brother Conner Kerrigan of St. Louis. Conner is the Communications Director for the @yinka_faleti campaign for MO Sec of State. Tyler & Conner talk about how voting works in a pandemic and how career paths evolve WAY beyond your college major, swap some adorable engagement stories, share how amazing @track_farms CBD is in case you hadn't heard EVERYONE talking about it, and speak on how friendships between men are strained by distance and what to do about it on this seventeenth episode of the Strangers Worth Meeting podcast. Follow along with Tyler on Instagram @thixsonlife or connect in real time via Twitter @thixsonlife and find Conner @connerkerrigan PLUS, Conner gave the listeners a special discount for Track Farms CBD products. Use code 'Strangers' for 15% off their top notch CBD products at