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Strangers Worth Meeting

Jun 15, 2021

On this episode, Tyler meets up with Tanner Markley in Reno, NV. Tanner is an extreme sports athlete & acrobat currently performing with Vive Le Cirque. He's also the owner of Off Axis, creating acrobatic, skate, & wrestling footwear for athletes. Tyler & Tanner talk about how a career moves from athletics to acrobatics to entrepreneurship, having a hustlers mindset of always tearing down red tape, and how a footwear brand, a YouTube channel, and a performance act all merge together on this fifty-seventh episode of the Strangers Worth Meeting podcast. VIDEO: Find the video version of this podcast on the Strangers Worth Meeting YouTube Channel:

Follow along with Tyler on Instagram @thixsonlife and find Off Axis on Instagram @offaxisacrobatics and Tanner @tannermarkley