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Strangers Worth Meeting

Jan 5, 2021

On this episode, Tyler meets up with Anthony Birchak of Tucson, AZ. Anthony ‘El Toro’ Birchak is a professional mixed martial artist and UFC fighter, as well as the owner of 10th Planet Tucson, with a wealth of wrestling and MMA experience. Tyler & Anthony talk about the small details that make a mixed martial artist, the growth of BJJ for free-thinkers, the unfortunate divisions among BJJ styles, and how practicing violence makes everything else calm on this forty-third episode of the Strangers Worth Meeting podcast. NEW: Find the video version of this podcast on the new Strangers Worth Meeting YouTube Channel:

Follow along with Tyler on Instagram @thixsonlife or via Twitter @thixsonlife and find Anthony on Instagram @abirchakmma and 10th Planet Tucson @10ptucson

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