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Strangers Worth Meeting

Oct 27, 2020

On this episode, Tyler meets up with Mike Sanda of Charleston, SC. Mike is the owner of Holy City Jiu Jitsu and has a huge passion for teaching and sharing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and functional fitness with everyone. Tyler & Mike talk about how 'the gentle art' of BJJ intertwines with so many aspects of life, why it's so beneficial to be functionally fit, and how to apply the gentle art of self-improvement on this thirty-seventh episode of the Strangers Worth Meeting podcast. NEW: Find the video version of this podcast on the new Strangers Worth Meeting YouTube Channel:

Follow along with Tyler on Instagram @thixsonlife or via Twitter @thixsonlife and find Mike @tetsuro.sanda and Holy City Jiu Jitsu @holycityjiujitsu

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